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Kitchen Sink at Beaches & Cream + Epcot World Showcase + Lunch at Biergarten
August 20th, 2013

On our first trip to Epcot in 2011 we were rained off when we visited World Showcase. We meant to go back during that trip, but we didn’t quite get around to doing it! This meant that it was a top priority this time around!

This is going to be a loooong trip report, so buckle in for LOTS of photographs! I’ve decided to write this report in stages and there will be separate posts for each of the Epcot World Showcase pavilions. I’m hoping a little downtime in November will allow me to finish off my trip reports for our 2013 Orlando holiday, especially with Christmas coming and another trip to plan!!

My friend Sam and I had made arrangements to meet for breakfast today – if you can call it breakfast…we all went to Beaches & Cream to share The Kitchen Sink!

We drove to Disney’s Beach Club resort, which is within walking distance of Epcot World Showcase, and we decided to park at the resort. We paid $15 to valet park for the whole day.

We arrived at about 10:45, and walked through the hotel lobby, past Cape May Café, nipping into the posh loos and round to Beaches & Cream.

We found it didn’t open until 11am, so sat down at the tables outside to wait for Sam and her family to turn up and for the soda shop to open. Beaches & Cream is situated outside and near to the swimming pool at the Beach Club. The Beach Club resort looks and feels very swanky and posh! I know it’s a deluxe resort, and it lives up to its status!

Sam, Mark and the kids turned up and we went inside to order The Kitchen Sink!

Beaches & Cream is set up like an old fashioned ice-cream parlour/soda shop from the American 1950s. I do have a thing for 50s America, so I loved it in here!

As we walked in, we were all chattering on about ordering The Kitchen Sink, so the waitress just took it upon herself to start making it! All good and well, except Sam has a mild intolerance to peanuts, and so, she went to the counter to tell her this information. Well, the waitress seemed less than impressed and griped how she would have to get the chef to come out and it seemed like this was such an effort! How rude! She hadn’t even officially taken our order, so really, she was the one in the wrong here! We waited for the chef to come out and check about the peanut allergy, Sam explained, and then, The Kitchen Sink was re-made – without peanuts. The waitress also forgot to take a drinks order from us, and we had to actively seek her out to order a few drinks. Considering the place had just opened and there were only a couple of tables in the small eatery, this wasn’t really acceptable.

The waitress then brought the giant (breakfast) dessert with a big speech about what was in it, but to be honest, I couldn’t hear a word of what she was saying – she had zero enthusiasm…but the kids (and us big kids) were excited to taking on the famous Kitchen Sink and had bowls and spoons at the ready!

Anything that can be thrown into this dessert is thrown in – scoops of ice-cream, lots of different toppings, cake, syrup, cherries…it’s a crazy dessert! But, between 7 of us, it was polished off without much trouble!

We then walked towards the Epcot World Showcase entrance. We wanted to take in our surroundings having never been here, before, and so, we said our goodbyes to our friends and they went to walk to Epcot whilst we walked towards the pier and the Friendship Boats. The Friendship Boats take you across the water to either Hollywood Studios, Disney’s Boardwalk or Epcot World Showcase.

There’s a gorgeous beach at the side of the water with a big shipwreck model – I believe this is the resorts waterslide. Whatever it is, it looks cool!

Across the water is Disney’s Boardwalk, which we didn’t get a chance to visit on this trip, but plan to walk along next year and see what is over there. It looks fab from a distance.

We walked along the pier to catch a boat to Epcot. We didn’t have to wait too long before we were floating along the water. It was a short journey, but it was nice to sit back and enjoy the ride.

We docked at Epcot and departed the boat. It’s a short walk to the gate to bleep and fingerprint your way into the park, which wasn’t very busy when we arrived around midday.

Can’t visit Epcot and not take a photo of Spaceship Earth!

The gate for Epcot World Showcase is between the UK pavilion and the France Pavilion. We decided to go into France first and work our way around from there…

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