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Magic Kingdom + Dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse.
September 3rd, 2013

Here we are, the last full day of our 2013 trip: Back To The Magic 2013 We couldn’t decide which Disney park we wanted to visit on our last day, so we thought, why not ALL the parks?! And that’s exactly what we did!

So, here we are, the final Disney park of our Four Corners of the World tour: Magic Kingdom! I personally love all of the Disney parks, all for different reasons, but Magic Kingdom is where the real magic is, and a chance for you to somehow become a kid again!

At just after 3.00pm we were at the Transportation & Ticket Centre, deciding whether to get the ferry across, or the monorail.

We decided, that for our last trip across the Seven Seas Lagoon on our last full day in Orlando, it would have to be the ferry boat, but something was up, and we waited for what seemed forever, and no ferry arrived. Not wanting to waste time, we walked around and up to the Monorail platform to catch that across the water instead.

There really is nothing quite like seeing Cinderella Castle as you approach MK, it still tears me up! I’m such a baby when it comes to Disney!

Once through bag check and the turnstiles, we went to have our fourth park photo of the day taken and then off we went to enjoy a few hours in Magic Kingdom. Looking back, I wish we’d spent longer than the 3 hours that we did. But a day of park hopping obviously tired us out, and I remember still having to pack all our stuff!

Liam once again declared he was hungry, so we stopped at Casey’s Corner to get some food, and was entertained by the pianist who was playing music on the piano outside.

We then walked closer to Cinderella Castle as I knew my favourite show in the whole wide world was about to start – Dream Along With Mickey. It was quite busy in the park, so we found a spot in the shade and sat down a small distance from the stage in front of the castle.

I can (and have!) watch this show a few times during a day at Magic Kingdom. I just love how upbeat and happy it is, and in turn, makes me feel that way too!

I’m going to share one of the videos hubs did of the show, I think I have shared it already, but hey, it’s always worth watching again! In fact, I’m listening to it now as I type up this trip report!

I know it’s soppy, but it’s the theme – your dreams will come true – that get to me every, single, time! I always watch it with a happy tear in my eye (or in the case of the first time, big girly sobs! )

Not long had the show ended did the next bit of entertainment begin with the Move it! Shake it! Celebrate it! Street Party! This is part parade and part join in and dance with the characters!

The characters and performers in the show all have their party outfits on and dance their way along the parade route, it’s a really upbeat, fun parade, which you can join in with when the floats stop and some of the characters get off their floats to dance in the street!

We had King Louie and Baloo stop near us this time, and they’re another pair of really fun characters! Minnie Mouse does not get off her float!

The street party does go on for a long time, but it’s a joy to watch! Especially because the characters interact with the crowd a lot more with the dancing in the street. And the making signs at you from the tops of their floats, like Genie did to me! First he posed his best strongman arms, then he kept waving, then he kept making a heart symbol – it was hilarious! I totally pulled Genie hahaha!

At the end of the parade, confetti cannons shoot out Mickey Mouse shaped confetti, and now I know where that confetti comes from! I kept seeing it on the floor on this trip, but couldn’t work out where it came from!

Our few hours, at Magic Kingdom was spent being entertained by shows and parades rather than going on rides – at least that’s what my photographs indicate! By late afternoon/early evening, we decided to make a move back to the villa, to pack (which we still hadn’t done properly) and to go out to dinner.

A goodbye to Walt Disney World with a promise to be back very soon, we got back on the monorail to the car park to drive to our home from home for the last time this holiday.

On the drive back, hubs took some random photos (which between us all, we do a lot of!). We didn’t get a chance to do Blizzard Beach or Winter Summerland Mini Golf this visit, so they’ll be top priority for the next one!

Once home, we showered and changed to go out for dinner. We decided to go to Longhorn Steakhouse on the 192 a short drive from the villa. America is the land of the steak, so we were all looking forward to eating here!

We were shown to a table and given some menus to look through and decided what to have. We ordered some drinks – iced tea (peach for me, and blackberry for the hubs) and coke for the boy.

For starter, we shared our new favourite dish of this holiday – a spinach and artichoke dip, which came with tortilla chips. We also had some bread and butter served (which I think was complimentary) I remember us loving the bread which was warm and tasty. And the dip, hubs and I agreed, was the best we’d had so far on this trip!

I loved the western/cowboy theme to the restaurant, something about that makes it feel all American!

For mains, we all had, of course, STEAK! I can’t remember what cut of steak Liam had, but he did get a corn on the cob on the side.

Hubs and I shared the Porterhouse for 2, which was a huge 30oz steak with two sides and two salads. From memory (looking at the menu online as a prompt!) I remember getting fries and a sweet potato, as well as a Caesar salad, and our receipt says green beans too.

The steak came with a ‘tableside sauce’ which the waiter made using a hot rock thing submerged in the sauce that was garlic and herb flavoured. What I do remember was how amazeballs the steak was!

Completely unlike me, I don’t have photographs of desserts, which leads me to believe we must have had them to go. As our receipt tells me that we got a Chocolate Stampede, which was a huge chocolate dessert to share, and a Dessert Sampler which included a smaller portion of the Chocolate Stampede as well as Caramel Apple Goldrush and Mountain Top Cheesecake.

In all we spent $93.84 plus tip. We paid the check and made a move home – the last night is always a down one – couldn’t believe it was the end of our holiday already! This one seemed to go so much faster than our first trip. And writing this final full day in Orlando is making me sad too! So happy that we’re going back again though!

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