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Houlihans + Shopping
August 23rd, 2013

Strap in for the shortest trip report from me ever!

We really did nothing today other than have some breakfast at Houlihans – my diary tells me “whatevs” which means to me that it was nothing special…I didn’t even take photographs of the food which is not like me at all. We paid $31.27 for the 3 of us for a buffet breakfast.

If I recall, the place was huge but fairly empty – I’m sure we were there quite late in the day for the breakfast time, so the buffet was winding down, and the service wasn’t anything out of this world. Wouldn’t go back.

Today was a well and truly day off day, I just about remembered to take photographs whilst walking round Publix to make sure I had something to post in my trip report for this day!

So I’m going to just leave you with these photos of American food stuffs, because we like nothing more than bringing back American food that we can’t buy in the UK! We stocked up for 2 years, so we bought a lot! We didn’t think we’d go back this year (pre-trip report for that coming soon!)…but we are, and still have a lot of products in a huge box!

I wish we could bring back Florida fruit – it’s so sweet and juicy!

I’m kinda glad we don’t have so much choice in the UK – I’d go mad each week deciding what buy! So much juice!

So many packet mixes!

And lots o’ sauces!

We need these Oreo flavours in the UK!

I should have bought this Philly…

…and these ones!

Why don’t we get the same flavours in the UK?!

They have Coke Lime?

And Grape Fanta – what, what what?!!

The English section…I lol’d that Nando sauces were there.

We also went to Super Target and after an afternoon of random shopping went back to the villa for pool time before hitting the hay. Yup, that’s it for this trip report!

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