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Autumn Winter on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

I cannot believe that September is here already – I’m not sure where the past 8 months have gone, but they have gone by in a flash that is for sure!

As far as school summer holidays are concerned, they were extended for my son who finished his GCSEs mid-June and has been off since then. This September marks a change because instead of going back to school, he is going to college. It’s meant no uniform buying, or school supplies shopping. He’s also got himself a part-time job, so things are very much changing as we enter the new season…for both him, and for me. Whilst I’m sure he will still be living at home for a few more years yet, I’m starting to get that empty nest feeling, as he doesn’t need his mum quite as much as he used to!

I love autumn/winter as it brings lots of things that I love… but, over the past few years, I’ve noticed that I suffer quite terribly with SAD, and for the first time ever, I’m actually dreading this season and what it will do to my mind. I’m already starting to struggle to wake up in the mornings as they are starting to become darker, and I know that when the clocks go back, my afternoons will start ending at 4pm and I will want to do nothing but just fall asleep. I need to put some strategies in place to deal with that, because, like I said, I’m dreading the season.

However, despite the SAD thing, I actually love Autumn and Winter, and if you’re a long time reader of my blog you’ll have probably guessed why, but if you’re not, I’ll tell you…

  1. Halloween – and my Crafty October series.
  2. Christmas – and my Create Christmas series.

Additionally, there are other things to look forward to…

  1. I’m going to BlogStock 2015, the world’s only blogging festival.
  2. I’m going to FunFest, a new blogger conference.
  3. It’s my birthday – I’m going to be 39, and not sure how I feel about that!
  4. I’m going to River Cottage for a blogger meet-up.
  5. My niece turns 3, so a party to organise!
  6. We’re going to Walt Disney World!
  7. We’re also going to Disneyland Paris!

So I need to grasp onto all those wonderful things when I am feeling depressed. I don’t really talk about my depression on my blog – a little mention here and there – but I’ve been hit badly with it this year and I need to turn it around somehow; I know only I have the power to do that.

This post is ultimately here to let you know what I have planned for the Autumn/Winter seasons on my blog, so without further ado….

Crafty October 2015 on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Crafty October 2015

I started my Crafty October series in 2012, sharing [mainly] a Halloween craft every day during October. Over the years, I kept the name, but evolved it to include recipes, printables and all other sorts of fun Halloween shizzle. It’s my favourite time of year, and it’s only natural that I would devote the whole month to it!

Despite us being on holiday during October, there will be a post a day about Halloween, so fans of the series will not feel let down! I also hate letting myself down, and I would hate to have an incomplete series!

If you can’t wait till October 1st when Crafty October begins, you can always check out the previous years:

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Create Christmas 2015 on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Create Christmas 2015

December on my blog gets turned over to Create Christmas; pretty much the same as Crafty October, but for Christmas! Each day I share a post – be it a craft, recipe, idea or whatever, relating to the season. I know that last year I missed a couple of days, which annoys me, but I’d lost my steam and mojo, and never did catch up.

Here are the previous years in this series:

Create Christmas 2012 | Create Christmas 2013 | Create Christmas 2014


365 Ideas and Tips for Project 365 on The Purple Pumpkin Blog

Project 365 : 2015

I’ll be sharing my daily photographs for Project 365 : 2015, which is my fifth year of doing it. Recently, I know I’ve been slack, not taking a photograph a day, and certainly not posting them every day. I will be seeing the year out, because I don’t like this photography project to be incomplete, but I have decided that in 2016 I will take a year off. Instead, I will challenge myself to Project 52, which is a photo a week. But the year is not quite over, so my mind may change!

I will also continue to have a photography idea or tip within each photo blog post – although, I must admit, I am struggling with those too.

Here are the previous years in this project:

Project 365 : 2011Project 366 : 2012Project 365 : 2013Project 365 : 2014


100 Days of Disney 2015

100 Days Of Disney 2015

This is still going on – with 51 days left at the time of writing this! Every day (or playing catch up with myself) I write a Disney related blog post. My love of Disney is what motivates me to complete this series – for 100 days. I’m bonkers, I know that, but here is a write up about 100 Days Of Disney 2015, and here are all the posts from 100 Days Of Disney. I haven’t yet made an index page for the years individually.


Dine Around Disney 2014 Trip Report Index

Dine Around Disney 2014

I’ve taken forever and a day to get this trip report written. With not long until our next holiday, I really need to pull my finger out and get it written – but here is the index for all of the days of Dine Around Disney 2014. I WILL get it finished by the time we go – there are only a couple of days left to write about now!

Here are my other Disney + Orlando Trip Reports:

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Disney Pre-Trip Report 2015 - Halloween in the Wilderness

Halloween In The Wilderness 2015

This is the pre-trip planning report for our holiday this year. Again, I’ve been quite the procrastinator about writing this, but I WILL have it finished by the time we go!

Here are the links to all of my pre-trip planning reports:

The First Time 2011 | Back To The Magic 2013 | Dine Around Disney 2014 | Halloween In The Wilderness 2015

And All The Rest…

There are several things that I’ve had on my “to blog about” list for ages, these are things like days out, celebrations and a few other things besides. Essentially what ends up happening is other work takes priority, or I find something else to write about, or I still haven’t edited the photographs to go on my blog for that particular post. However, here is a little list of things I do want to share with you; whether they get written in 2015 will remain to be seen!

In no particular order…

  • Our Weekend at Camp Bestival Day 2, Day 3 and Day 4. Read all of my Camp Bestival posts here
  • Camping Dos and Don’ts from a first timer.
  • Our day at Audley End House
  • Our day at Down House, the home of Charles Darwin
  • Our day at the Tower of London
  • River Thames Cruise
  • My nieces 2nd birthday party – Peppa Pig themed with printables
  • Jugged Hare restaurant review
  • St. Mary’s Church & Graveyard photograph
  • Our day at Horniman Museum

And that is that – man alive, I’m tired just looking at it all, but it’s going to be keeping me busy, and that’s my best weapon against depression!

I hope you enjoy what The Purple Pumpkin Blog brings to you over the Autumn/Winter season – thank you, as always for your support and for reading.

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