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So here we are – at the end of the August, and 31 photographs taken for Project 365 : 2015.

August has been a weird month. For me on a personal level, for the weather, which has been up and down, and for my photos which have been a real mixed bag, and several duds. I do have a few favourites: Day 220 – Burst, of a real fluke shot of my niece reaching up to burst a bubble and actually capturing the moment of it bursting! I don’t think I could get that shot again if I tried! Day 226 – Ruby, of a chocolate tart that we sampled – it was lush, and I think the photo is lush too! And finally, Day 234 – Chance Of Meatballs, of the clouds – something I love taking photographs of.

As August gives way to September, and as the season changes from summer to autumn, I anticipate a change to my photographs for the final three months of the year. I’m looking forward to the changing colours of the leaves, of the autumn stuff – like conkers, and pumpkins, and fungi… I do suffer from SAD though, so there is part of me that is also dreading the next three months too.

I’ve made a decision not to carry on into a sixth year of Project 365. I don’t think I can mentally deal with the pressure I give myself to take photo a day, and this year has proved that with me not taking a photo a day, but several on one and spreading them out during the month – or even into the next month. Instead, I’m aiming for Project 52, which is a photo a week, instead. But we’ll see, I may be in a completely different place on 31st December.

Here are all of my Project 365 : 2015 photographs for August. I’d love to know your favourite(s) – why not tell me in the comments section?

Project 365 ideas and tips…

As well as a photo a day, I also include an idea or tip each day too. It’s not always easy to think of one, but I do my best and hope that you find them helpful for your own Project 365! Here are all 31 tips for August.

How have you been doing with your photography project? Have you managed to keep up so far?


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