April – Project 365:2014

Well my, oh my, we’ve only reached the end of April haven’t we? It feels like it’s been a long month! But it’s been a really exciting one too! After March’s not so good photos from me for my Project 365:2014, April, I think has been fab and I’m really proud of a lot of them this month!

How have you been doing? Have you managed to keep up so far? Have you seen an improvement in your photography? Have you been able to make use of any of my Project 365 ideas and tips?!

After March’s wobble with my mental state of mind and lack of losing weight, I decided that I needed to start embracing me and started the month on a better note, which I do think reflected in my photography during April. I’ve ended it still on a high, and still not lost weight, but I don’t feel as bad as at the end of last month!

I’m going to have to say that I love every single day of my photos from April and cannot pick a favourite at all!

Here are all the tips and ideas I shared during April, I hope you’ve found them helpful!

  1. Letters
  2. Adjustments
  3. Me²
  4. Texturize
  5. Too close for comfort
  6. In the undergwoth!
  7. Something unusual
  8. Signs of Spring
  9. Do nothing!
  10. Different angles
  11. Make wishes
  12. Age a photo
  13. Growth spurt
  14. Unusual flowers
  15. Harsh sunlight
  16. Frame the action
  17. If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it!
  18. Growth through photos
  19. Man up!
  20. Firsts
  21. Tree tops
  22. Cracks in the pavement
  23. Colour pop (free PS action)
  24. Out and about
  25. Reflections
  26. Iconic
  27. In motion
  28. The power of 3! (or 5, or 7…)
  29. Breakfast
  30. Insignificant

Which photo (if any!) do you like the most? View all of Project 365:2014 here.

Good luck with your continued Project 365 – until next month, Happy Snapping!

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