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You will remember I recently told you about my sister’s pregnancy – the baby may well be with us by the end of the week (if she is induced), and if not, before the month is out! I’m so excited to be an auntie again, so my life has become consumed again by everything baby! Everything seems so different compared to “my day” I really don’t remember baby events at supermarkets, but wow, do I wish we had them!

On Thursday 17th August, discount supermarket Aldi’s hugely popular Baby and Toddler Event returns to stores across the UK! (And it’s online NOW!!) Returning for a third time this year, there is an amazing selection of products and new launches on sale at unbeatable prices for your little tots.

ALDI Baby & Toddler Event
Set to fly off the shelves is the BABY SNUGGLE NEST. Beautifully designed, the cushioned nest gently snuggles your little one to sleep! The snuggle nest recreates the feeling of being cuddled, so your little tot can drift off into a peaceful nap, and you can relax knowing they are getting much needed sleep.

Aldi’s Baby Snuggle Nest is an affordable alternative to the popular Poddle Pod, and is a brilliant 60% cheaper at £19.99. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity to own the hottest baby product on the market, at an unbeatable price!

Aldi Baby Snuggle Nest
Available whilst stocks last – as with all Specialbuys – when it’s gone, it’s gone! I LOVE an Aldi Specialbuy and I’m going to head to our local stores (we have 3 nearby!) to make sure I grab a bargain for my sister and [new] baby nephew!

One item I still can’t live without (even with a grown up son!) is baby wipes. The Mamia baby wipes are fragrance free for sensitive skin (they also sell wipes with a fruity scent). Both are types are dermatologically tested, and provide gentle cleansing for delicate skin. A bargain 65p for a pack of 30. But they are even cheaper if you bulk buy 12 X 64 pack multipack (sensitive) for £5.99, making each pack less than 50p.

Nappies are also a bargain buy of just £1.09 for a 24 pack of newborn size 1; and jumbo packs in various sizes up to £5.29. I do not have personal experience of using these nappies, but reading the reviews on Aldi’s website I can see that they are raved about. The nappies have a soft & dry layer, and wetness indicator. They are regularly tested against the leading brand, as well as being dermatologically tested, and PEFC certified.

I was sent some items from the range at Aldi’s Baby & Toddler Event including a very cute Lily & Dan hooded towel and mitt (£2.99). Made from 100% cotton, and washable at 40°C, and will keep kids warm after getting out of the bath. There are also matching mulsin cloths (3 pack, £2.99) which come in very handy!

It’s impossible to mention every item that I think is a bargain buy, as there are just so many to choose from. If you can buy online, get in there now! If you’re waiting to go to a store, I always advise getting there nice and early so you can pick up the things you want with minimum fuss – and before everything sells out!

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