7 Fun Garden Shed Organising Ideas

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7 Fun Garden Shed Organising Ideas

The garden shed tends to be the graveyard of stuff for most people. It’s a lovely little place for storing all your extra stuff and we unfortunately focus our attention only on the exterior of the shed when it comes to the look.

But a well-organised garden shed will be much more pleasurable to have in the back of your well-kept garden. Having the shed properly organised will also ensure your gardening tools stay in good condition and it makes it easier to actually find them in the hour of need!

Furthermore, with the following seven ideas, your garden shed’s storage won’t be boring nor expensive to create!

1. Crime Scene Wall

Do you have many things you can simply hang on the wall from little hooks? Instead of just filling the wall with boring hooks, draw the outline of each tool on the wall. In the end, you’ll have a colourful wall that looks like the crime scene for garden tools! It’ll also make putting things on the right places easier.

2. Quirky Pegboard

You can find discounts at VoucherBin for simple pegboard material, check this out now. Buy a sheet or two and cover the back of your shed with it. Now you can simply peg your tools on the wall!

You can even attach shelves to the pegboard to organise smaller items in little storage boxes.

3.Old Cupboard or Wardrobe Storage

If you have an old dining room cupboard or a wardrobe lying around the house, transfer it to the shed for storing items! You could remove the cupboard doors for easier access if you want, and give it a simple coat of paint for new look.

4. Aluminium Funnels for Twines

Buy cheap aluminium funnels for storing your leftover balls of twine. You can attach the funnels on the wall and place the twines inside – just one per funnel. You can run the ends of the twines from the spouts to ensure you can easily dispense the thread when you need it.

5. Ladder Shelves

Have an extra ladder lying around? Add pieces of wood on to each step and place the ladder next to a wall. You’ll get a modern shelf with the perfect look for a garden shed.

6. Funky Damp Removal

The biggest reason behind the downfall of your gardening tools is often damp conditions inside the shed. A simple way to remove this is by placing charcoal briquettes inside the shed – perhaps inside your most possessed toolboxes – to absorb moisture.

7. Bucket-Hose Storage

Give your garden hose storage a makeover with a bucket-hose storage trick. Find a few simple metal buckets from garden retailers at VoucherBin, for instance. Nail the bucket from the bottom on to the shed wall. As the bucket is now sideways on the wall, you can store some small items inside the bucket, as well as roll the hose around the bucket!

The better your garden shed’s storage solutions, the more you enjoy doing gardening! With the right use of old materials and cheap retailer sites, creating fun storage solutions won’t even need to cost a fortune.

We recently decided to clear out our shed, which hadn’t been done since we moved here 2 years ago! It was like the TARDIS in there – I didn’t know we had so much stuff! So I just have to turn the mess below into an organised garden shed that we can be proud of!

Do you have a great garden shed organising idea you want to share? Let me know!


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