5 Top Tips To Keep Your Plants Alive Throughout The Year

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Plants are a good addition to any home. They add some color and will generally make you feel more positive about life. Plants are also a very good way of destressing, and research shows that they are effective at removing toxins from the air.

However, no matter how great it is to have plants in your home or how satisfying it is to know that you are taking care of them, the simple fact is that keeping your plants alive can be hard. People generally lead busy lives and have limited time available to look after plants, especially if you have a family to support and care for.

5 Top Tips To Keep Your Plants Alive Throughout The Year

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5 Top Tips To Keep Your Plants Alive Throughout The Year

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Fortunately, it isn’t as hard as you think to keep your plants alive throughout the year, you simply need to follow some basic rules!

Choose The Right Supplier

The first step is the most obvious and yet frequently overlooked. You need to find a reliable and reputable supplier, such as Foli8. This will help to ensure the plants you are getting are high-quality and not riddled with pests or infections.

There is little more frustrating than watching your plants die from an infection that was there when you bought them but you didn’t spot them. Especially if the infection spreads to other plants in your home.

Monstera “Swiss Cheese Plant”


Most plants will flourish in indirect light. However, they all need between 5-6 hours of sunlight a day. The key is to know whether they prefer direct or indirect light. You can then find the right position for your plants. If you give them too little light they won’t grow well. But, too much will dry them out and bleach the color out of them. Consider what plants you have before you position them.


All plants need water but they don’t all need the same amount. Succulents are generally very good at holding onto water and therefore rarely need to be watered.
In contrast, a standard plant may need to be watered every day but it won’t want to sit in water. Having a tray under a pot is a good idea but it should always be emptied ten minutes after watering.


Your home temperature can be easily controlled with your thermostat. You need to consider the temperature of your home in comparison to the temperature that the plants flourish in. If they prefer it cooler then find a cooler corner of your home and make sure the plants are never positioned in front of a heat source.

Feed Them

Plants absorb nutrients from the soil and they may get minerals and nutrition from things you add to the soil. But, as they are in a pot the nutrition will eventually fade. That’s why you need to feed your plants with a little fertilizer regularly. This will ensure the plants can flourish even in a cold and miserable winter because it is surprisingly easy to give them everything they need. This is true even if you don’t have green fingers.


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