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Whether you’re craving a change of style, need to make some practical changes to accommodate new additions to the family, or want to tackle that ugly eyesore you’ve been avoiding for the past few months, improving your home is not as difficult as you might think. Discover five essential home improvement tips to help you on your journey to sprucing up your house:

1. Opt for quality over style

It’s tempting to go for lower priced options, especially when you’ve got lots of sale bargains to take advantage off. But before you load up your trolley and hand over your credit card, take a moment to inspect what you’ve got. Trend-led items and lower quality goods will often be marked down, but if you’re looking for longevity, it’s better to go for classic and functional, over short-term style enhancements. Power showers are a great example. While popular design-led shower heads may look good for a while, over time, that good looking head may be little more than a clumsy show-piece in the bathroom.

2. Make sure it fits in with you

While that uber-cool, industrial steel kitchen may look really attractive on a blog or catalogue, you have to consider whether it fits in practically with you and your lifestyle needs. When giving your home a restyle, choose a look that will work with your life as it is now. And that means accommodating messy kids, hairy pets, or clumsy partners as a priority, before you go for a style theme.

3. Replace or renovate?

Ask yourself carefully whether it’s really necessary to replace something, or whether it’s worth simply repairing and fixing things up. Sometimes it may be more cost-effective to take the plunge and replace items that have outlasted their use-by date. Water-logged kitchen counters and broken cupboard doors can be easily replaced. Sometimes however, all that’s needed is some extra elbow grease and effort. Rather than pulling out your entire carpeting, try hiring an effective cleaner to give it a new lease of life.

4. Add space where you can

Effective storage space is always a pro in any home, no matter how big or small it may be. When you’re looking at renovating, keep an eye on how you can use existing spaces more usefully, and where you could add additional room. This may mean simply reorganising existing shelving or cupboards with some added extras, or it could mean fixing some extra shelves to take the clutter off the floor.

5. Don’t bite off more than you can chew

While you may be handy with the power tools, be honest about what is practical and realistic for you to do yourself, before you even start. After all, the last thing you or your family want is to live in a mess of half-completed projects, which never seem to get finished!

So there are our 5 tips for home improvements. Now you just need to get started!

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