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It doesn’t feel like long ago that I was planning my husband’s 40th birthday party; but it was back in 2012! Now the tables have turned and here we are just a few months from my 40th birthday… I’m not dealing with this milestone age very well at all! For some reason, it has always been an age that has scared me – ever since I was a little girl. I guess, back when you’re 6, 40 seems so old, and so far away in your life, you can’t imagine ever reaching it, yet here we are!

my-6th-birthday-party-1982-flashback-fridays (31)
Me on my 6th birthday!

I decided last year that I wanted to go on holiday for my 40th, and booked an epic holiday to Florida to celebrate. But, it’s not like me to not have a party for a milestone birthday, and I’ve decided to throw one a month before my actual birthday in September. I have dubbed it my “Last month of my 30s” party!

Like all good parties, there will be music, cake, food, drink, decorations, and a theme (My 35th birthday was a 1950s At The Hop themed party), which I’ll be writing about in the coming weeks as I get planning for my 40th birthday party.

Me and Steve - 35th Birthday
Me & Hubs on my 35th Birthday

But, all parties start with an invitation, and that is where Mini-Epic steps in!

The invitations are very different to other online invites in their creativity and quality, featuring broadcast quality animation, voice overs and sound effects, all wrapped up in a tongue-in-cheek tone.

Mini-Epic Online Video Invitations

Now, ordinarily, I would design and make my own invitations on my computer, then either print them off to mail out, or email them to save on paper. Just as I was about to start the design process, Jonathan from Mini-Epic emailed me about his online invitations. I took a look at the website, as I always do when emails land in my inbox, and instead of finding a selection of pre-made static designs to send out, I found several video invitations, that could be personalised with my party details! Indeed, they are mini epic movies!

Check out 2 of the Mini-Epic birthday invitations below to get a feel for what they are like. There are currently 7 Birthday Party invitation templates to choose from, as well as invitations for a Hen Party or Stag Do. Coming in the future are invitations for Weddings, and Halloween (OMG!), as well as E-Cards.

Top Secret Birthday from Mini-Epic on Vimeo

IT’S BIRTHDAY TIME! from Mini-Epic on Vimeo

Making your Mini-Epic Invatations

Step 1

Personalising your Mini-Epic invitations is very easy – you just fill in your details, including the name of your event, the location (the town/city), start date/time, end date/time, who the event is for, and their age. You then upload a photograph of the birthday girl/boy – make sure you use the highest resolution of the picture that you have. The advice is: For best results please upload an image with a similar layout to a standard passport photo, in JPEG, TIF or PNG format at no less than 480(w) x 640(h) pixels with max file size of 3MB.

How to make Mini-Epic Video Invitations

Step 2

You then set up an account – or login if you already have one, so that you can review your details. There isn’t an instant preview, because each invitation is made to order. Allow up to 24 hours for your invitation to be produced – you’ll receive an email when it is.

BREAKING NEWS (as I write this review!): Mini-Epic have managed to reduce their personalisation time from 24 hours, to just 1 hour! This will be rolling out in the next few weeks.

Step 3

Time to pay! Mini-Epic takes payment through Stripe – an established payment portal used by the likes of Kickstarter, Shopify, Pinterest and Lyft –  which accepts all major credit and debit cards. Mini-Epic itself does not store these card details.

Setting up your guest list

You can add a message with more details about the party – address, phone number, dress code, etc.,

Whilst guests RSVP through email, they may need your phone number for other things. I’ve had party guests text me in the past that they’re running late, or phoning up to see if I needed help with anything for the party.

You then add guests to your list – you will need the email addresses of all that you are sending to, so make sure you have them handy. You can send to up to 50 guests. Finally, click preview to make sure your message details are correct (and re-watch your video too!) then click send – so easy! And to make managing your guest numbers simple, there is also an RSVP tracker so you can see who is (and who isn’t *sad face*) coming.

How to make Mini-Epic Video Invitations

A Smashing Time!

I decided to use the Smashing Time invitation, because it was just so me. I’m always harping on about time, how it goes so fast, and there is never enough time, it just keeps passing…then the ultimate finale of what to do about it! Watch my Mini-Epic party invitation below, I LOVE it!

My Mini-Epic Invitation from Mini-Epic on Vimeo.

I have really enjoyed using Mini-Epic, and can’t wait to see what the future brings for the company, with new designs and features. It was so easy to go through the process – took me no more than 5 minutes – what took the longest for me was deciding which photo of me to use – one from my childhood, or something more recent?!

I love that is something completely different, and fun – for both me and my guests, and I’ll definitely be using Mini-Epic for parties in the future (look out Halloween, I’ve got my eye on you!)

Personalised Animated Party Invitations from Mini-Epic - choose a template, personalise with your details and photo, and send to up to 50 guests!

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