4 Ideas for Giving Any Room a Wonderful Laid-back Lounge Appeal

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If you’re in the business of redecorating your home and you’re looking to create that relaxed, laid-back feel then there are a number of different ways you can transform any room by making a few simple changes. This guide will provide you with everything you need to know about the colour schemes, little lighting changes and textured materials you can adopt to transform your living space. Take a look below to find out a little more and learn some of the best interior design tips currently on the market.

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Neutral tones

When it comes to relaxation, it’s hard to relax in rooms that feature bright colours and gaudy patterns, and the human mind generally responds to more relaxed tones, beiges and mellow colours. With that in mind it’s a good idea to maybe paint or wallpaper your homes with warm colour tones that reflect the mood of what your trying to achieve. If you’re looking to develop a calm environment then appealing to the senses is a good way of doing so, so we’re talking visually appealing colours, wonderful smells and ambient sounds.

Relaxing odours and candles

The next method of improving the ambiance of your homestead is to equip it with some of the nice smells and odours that appeal to our noses. Maybe light a little incense to improve the propensity for relaxation and inhale some beautiful vanilla smells. There are many different air fresheners and fragrant candles you can purchase that not only provide nice smells for your laidback lounge, but also add a great aesthetic approach to complement your lovely furniture and soothing colour tones.

Roaring fire

The human appreciation that is garnered for the warmth of the fire is one that dates back to stone age times, when a roaring fire was one of the only sources of warmth, community and homeliness. In modern homes a roaring fire not only adds warmth and atmosphere, but it also creates that rustic, artisanal feel that we all try to create. If humans as a species can agree on one thing it’s the appreciation of warmth and comfort, and there’s no better way to get yourself cosy then by sitting in front of the fire with candles burning.

Atmospheric Lighting 

Last but not least is lighting. Lighting holds all the chips and power when it comes to determining the atmosphere and ambiance of the room. There’s a reason why we don’t sit in our living rooms with the ‘big light’ on because of the general lack of comfort it creates. Floor lamps are staple to any lounge and customising your room with a few little floor lamps can be a superb way to create atmosphere and encourage romantic conversation in front of your brand new roaring fire.

Hopefully you’ve found some inspiration in your quest to attaining that perfect laid back feel for your lounge. Whether it’s a change of lighting, changing your colour scheme, or sitting in front of a roaring fire, your ideal homestead is only a few small changes away.

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