3 Easy, Homemade Christmas Decorations

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3 Easy, Homemade Christmas Decorations - simple crafts to make with the kids during the festive season!

When my son was a little boy (he’s nearly 17 now, where did the years go?), I used to love crafting with him. I remember one year we made Christmas cards for his whole class, along with lots of sparkly decorations to hang on the Christmas tree at home. Oh how I miss those days! I think the reason I try to keep my craft ideas simple is that I can’t quite let go of my little boy!

So today, I’ve got 3 easy, homemade Christmas decorations that you can make with your kids: a glitter snowflake, a button star ornament, and a tissue paper wreath. It’s good to have a few simple craft ideas on hand, for when the weather outside is a bit grim, and the kids are saying that they’re bored – how can they be bored when there is glitter and glue involved?!

If you’ve already got an established craft box for such occasions, you are likely to have most, if not all of the materials you’ll need to make these decorations, which include PVA glue, glitter, buttons, ribbon, and tissue paper. And if not, they’re all pretty inexpensive in craft shops or online.

You’ll find the tutorials on the Flora website:

as well as lots of other seasonal ideas to try out. And if you do have a go at making any of these crafts, don’t forget to share with me either on Facebook, or on Twitter – I would love to see them. It always brings a smile to my face when people have tried out the things that I’ve shared!

How To Make A Glitter Snowflake

How To Make A Button Star Ornament

How To Make A Tissue Paper Wreath

Disclosure: I was commissioned to create these decorations for the Flora website and to share it with you here.

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