17 Steps To Make Moving Home Easier For Your Children

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Moving house is exciting, but it’s never an easy process, and throwing kids into the mix just adds to both the physical and emotional strain. Hours of cleaning, packing, unpacking, more cleaning, setting up, multiple trips to the local tip and about 5,000 cups of coffee later, you’re still nowhere near finished and the kids are running riot – h e l p!

Don’t worry – I have some great tips to help make the move a little easier, simply sit back (with a large cuppa) and start planning.

17 Steps To Make Moving Home Easier For Your Children


  1. Before beginning anything, sit down as a family and discuss the plans of what will happen and when. Hear what they have to say and be open to any suggestions (Peppa Pig wallpaper in your new living room might look great!).
  2. Show your kids the new area where they’ll be living and tell them about nearby play areas, activity centres etc., as well as a trip to the local school if they’re moving to a new one.
  3. Accept help. Allowing your kids to be involved with the move will make them feel involved in the move.
  4. Allowing your children to visualise the new home will help them get their head around moving. Let them familiarise themselves with their new bedroom. You can do this by visiting the home itself or if this isn’t possible, take a online visual tour.
  5. Be honest and answer any questions. They might be a little confused or worried about the big move and answering their questions will help them settle into the idea.
  6. If you’re just at the early stages of moving house and would like legal advice, use a residential property solicitor, such as, FBC MB Solicitors who will understand your situation, help to explain the legal process and costs from the outset and keep you updated throughout the journey.

moving boxes


  1. The key to packing is to de-clutter – it’s the perfect opportunity! Allocate a time with each of your children to go through their bedroom and decide what can be packed and what can be left behind.
  2. Be sure to keep their favourite toys out and pack them last minute.
  3. Keep packed boxes in a room with the door shut to avoid little ones going in and unpacking (otherwise the packing process becomes even longer!).
  4. Pack a box for your first night so you can easily retrieve the essentials.
  5. Give each of your children a things I love box which they can fill with their favourite things, for example toys, pyjamas, blankets etc.
  6. Keep your kids occupied by letting them decorate the packing boxes, remember to label clearly in case they get mixed up. I’ve got some printables to help you stay organised: Packing Box Labels and Box Contents Labels.

Moving Day

  1. Prepare a picnic with sandwiches, crisps, fruit, drinks etc., having food ready for when you need a well-earned break will help keep the kids occupied.
  2. Prioritise beds. The first job should be putting up the beds and making them up – after a long, tiring day the little ones will be ready for their own bed, so it’s best to be prepared!
  3. If possible, move house whilst the kids are at school. If they’re out of the way there’s last chance of chaos! Before they’re home, have their bedrooms ready, that way they can occupy themselves by exploring their new space.
  4. If you’re able to, hire a cleaner to do the final once over of the old house, experts won’t miss anything!
  5. Annnnnd breathe. It’s time for the exciting part of settling into your new home! OK you might have a lot to unpack but the rush is over – slow down and spend some time with the little ones!

House Move

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