10 Tips For Choosing Bathroom Tiles

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10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles - these are great tips when renovating our bathroom

Our new bathroom is nearly at go time! The bathroom suite is being delivered on Friday, and I had the tiles delivered last week. Can’t believe this is actually happening now! After years of hating our bathroom, it’s going to be all shiny and new very soon – I can’t wait to share the progress and finished room with you.

I spent quite a while deciding what tiles we should have – everything has been left up to me to decide, with my husband, basically nodding along as I make suggestions – he trusts my judgement though, so it’s all good. British Ceramic Tile have provided all the tiles for our bathroom project, and I’m looking forward to seeing everything come together.

As I said, they were delivered last week, a bit of a shock when the delivery driver knocked on the door and said he had a half-ton pallet of tiles to deliver. The shock was because, in my head, I had thought it would be just a few boxes for me to bring in! Fortunately, our kind neighbours let me have the pallet placed on their driveway, as at the time, there was no room on ours. Once Steve and Liam were home (from work, and college respectively) they unloaded everything into the house. So that’s where the tiles currently are – stacked in the living room, and you can see some of them in the photographs above.

After looking online for inspiration (follow me on Pinterest y’all!), my final bit of inspiration actually came from my friend’s bathroom. It’s been about a year or so since I’d actually been round to her house, and seeing her gorgeous new bathroom (should have taken pics!) I knew exactly how to use tiles in mine. I’d already picked out some gorgeous mosaic tiles, specifically blue hammered glass mosaic tiles, which I planned to use as a feature wall behind the bath. But I was then worried that the white tiles I had planned to pick for the rest of the walls would look, well, plain and boring. My friend has used mosaic tiles for the walls in the shower cubicle, and then use the cut strips of the same tiles as a border, which I think was genius, and I kick myself for not having thought of that already! I wouldn’t mind, but I actually did several mosaic classes back in the early 2000s, so it should have dawned on me!

I also decided to choose bigger white tiles, rather than the small (or would you say “normal” size?) tiles, which I think, in our bathroom at least, look rather dated – plus there is more grout to keep clean! Now that I’ve put together the moodboard at the top of this post, I can see how it is going to work in our bathroom, and I really like it! The moodboard isn’t to scale by the way – it was just so I can show you what the plan is.

Finally, the floor tiles. If you have read my original post where I shared my inspiration for a nautical/ocean themed bathroom, I saw some amazing water patterned tiles, but I know it would be just too much in our bathroom. I am generally a “more is more” kind of girl, but even I know when it’s overkill! Since I’m going for an ocean type theme, I thought a sandy coloured tile would work best, and it will remind me of the beach. With a white suite, and mainly white tiles, I also figured it would bring more colour into the room. Now that I have seen them all together, I am really pleased with my choices.

10 Tips for Choosing Bathroom Tiles

  1. Look for inspiration online, in magazines, friend’s bathrooms, tile showrooms.
  2. Know the different tile types – glass, ceramic, porcelain, natural stone. And the different sizes and styles – there are square, rectangle, hexagonal, mosaic tiles, some are textured, some are patterned. Until I came to actually look for tiles, I hadn’t realised there was such a huge choice out there. British Ceramic Tile’s Tile Finder tool was really helpful in narrowing choices down.
  3. Measure your room walls/floor in m², as tiles are sold in boxes that cover a certain square metre.
  4. Purchase 5-10% more tiles than you need to allow for breakages, cutting waste, and pattern matching – and for repair jobs in the future.
  5. Think about create boarders and using decorative tiles to break up the wall of plain colour.
  6. Check that the tile is suitable for the area it is being used, and for the surface – either floors or walls.
  7. Be adventurous! Create a feature wall, perhaps around the bath, or shower. A bathroom doesn’t have to have all the same tile.
  8. Bathrooms are often referred to the smallest room in the house, so picking light coloured tiles helps to make the room appear bigger. Gloss tiles will further help to bounce the light around the room.
  9. Make sure you buy the correct grout and adhesive for the tiles. Check with your tiler or supplier as to what this will be.
  10. If you are going down the DIY route for tiling, check out the British Ceramic Tile’s “How To Tile” videos which are very informative.

Disclosure: A collaborative post with British Ceramic Tile.

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