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Laundry – we might not like doing it, but it’s one of those chores that needs to be done! In this post I’m sharing 10+ laundry tips to make life a LOT easier, as well as sharing my review of the new Persil Powergems.

10+ Laundry Tips To Make Life A LOT Easier! Save these tips and start implementing them if you hate doing the laundry!!

When it comes to laundry, I don’t mind bunging the clothes in the washing machine (that’s the easiest part; am I right?!) –  although sorting dirty laundry is such a chore. I love hanging the washing onto the line outside when it’s a sunny, slightly breezy day, and you can smell the freshness of the fabrics as you peg each garment up. What I don’t love is the ironing and putting away of said laundry! That’s why I’ll be sharing my laundry tips in this post – but first, let me tell you about Persil Powergems.

This is a paid collaborative post in association with Persil. As always, thoughts about the product are my own.

Launching this summer, NEW Persil Powergems offers a revolutionary and unique laundry experience. Ten years of research and development has contributed towards this game changing detergent, which comes in a distinctive gem format. It is thanks to this format that Persil Powergems is able to provide triple action power of stain removal, care and long lasting freshness in one small concentrated dose.

I have three criteria when it comes to choosing a laundry detergent:

  1. Cleans well and gets rid of stains
  2. Has a nice fragrance
  3. Good value for money

So how does Persil Powergems stack up?

Persil Powergems

Cleans well and gets rid of stains?

I have used Persil in the past, but it is not my regular brand of laundry detergent. As with trying something new, I was initially sceptic – how well would these “gems” work? I am used to good old fashion washing powder, or liquid tabs. That scepticism disappeared after the first Persil Powergems wash  – the clothes came out looking and smelling clean.

Persil PowergemsAs a family of 3 adults (I am still getting used to the fact that my child is 18!!) the opportunity for really stained clothes, is pretty much behind me! However, my son works in the kitchen of a fast food restaurant, and as such his uniform comes home with grease stains on it – those types of stains fill me with dread. I know in the past I’ve had to throw out clothes because I couldn’t get rid of the stains. The detergent handled those stains brilliantly.

Persil Powergems are packed with more stain removal power* to help tackle stubborn stains; they contain two and a half times more cleaning agents for oil and grease based stains and eight times more fabric shielding molecules to ensure the ultimate all-round performance for your clothes. *Vs. Persil Bio Powder per g

The unique format of Persil Powergems is free from ingredients which can leave residue on fabric. This allows the product to care deeply for your clothes, helping them to stay as good as new for longer**. An additional caring benefit is that Persil Powergems will help to both retain the bright colours of your clothes and keep your darks dark. **Vs. Persil Bio Powder

The detergent is very easy to use – you simply fill the outer cap to the required line – 32g for a standard load, or 50 for a larger or dirtier load – and place that on top of the laundry inside the machine. Close the door and press the start button on your machine. For best results it recommends washing at 30°C or higher.

Not that I have to worry about it any more, but I do like the safety cap feature on the bottle of detergent. To get to the Powergems you have to not only take off the outer cap, but also the inner one which you have to press and twist to open. But of course, always store detergents out of reach of children. The bottle itself is amazingly small for the amount of washes it provides (12) and is also very light weight at 384g. Compare that to a box of regular washing powder – 10 washes at  700g – it’s a big difference!

Persil Powergems

Has a nice fragrance?

This is a must for me – I’m very fussy with fragrances in my cleaning products! Persil Powergems, to me has a fragrance best described as classic laundry (to my nose at least!). It smells clean and fresh, as soon as you open the bottle and start pouring the gems into the cap. That fragrance continues after the wash as well – I could smell the lovely clean smell upstairs as my husband emptied out the washing machine! And, I could still smell a nice fragrance once the clothes dried – and even a couple of days later.

I mentioned that my son works in a fast food restaurant – so not only do I content with grease stains but also the stink of all the cooking smells – which is not pleasant. I do find that as time goes by getting rid of that smell is hard, even after washing, so I am delighted to report that Persil Powergems kicked those cooking smells off his uniform. And you know that kind of musty smell towels sometimes get? That was gone too. So as far as fragrance goes, this detergent is brilliant.

Persil Bio Powergems uses fragrance release technology to provide an enhanced fragrance experience. This technology allows the unique and fragrant notes of Persil Powergems to remain on fabric for longer. As movement is made, bursts of the fragrance will be released to give you longer lasting freshness with every wash.

Persil Powergems

Good value for money?

Persil Powergems is available in Non Bio and Bio variants in 12 (£5), 19 (£8) and 30 (£11) wash packs.***

As this a brand new type of laundry product, it is impossible to compare like for like when it comes to actual price, but given it’s x3 power of stain removal, freshness and care I think it represents good value for money. I know that there are times that I have to wash some clothes twice to get rid of the dirt, and with all the power that these little gems contain, I shouldn’t have to do that – saving money on  using extra product on repeat washes. And don’t forget retailers special offers – I’ve already seen some, so it’s worth buying (and stocking up) when at a lower price!

Overall I have been really impressed with Persil Powergems – so much so that I would purchase again, and instead of my regular brand. I’m going to see how the product fares over the next few washing cycles (we launder once a week) and make a final decision then.

***RRPs – All prices quoted are Recommended Retail Prices. Retailers are free at all times to set their own retail prices

» Learn more about Persil Powergems here.

And now, onto my 10+ laundry tips to make life a LOT easier!

10+ Laundry Tips To Make Life A LOT Easier

10+ Laundry Tips

  1. Have two laundry bins – one for lights, and one for darks. If you have the space you could also have a third for underwear, and even a fourth for towels, bed sheets etc. This will save you time sorting through one pile of dirty laundry. If you can provide each bedroom with their own laundry bin(s), this can help narrow down sorting even further.
  2. Have a fun washing basket in the kid’s rooms to encourage them to put their dirty clothes in that, rather than the floor. Teach the kids to be responsible for their laundry from a young age!
  3. Encourage everyone in the house to empty pockets, and to unravel socks, sleeves etc, so that you save time when sorting clothes.
  4. Teach everyone in the house how the washing machine works – including the kids once they are old enough to handle detergent safely – so there is no excuse when you ask someone to “put a wash on”.
  5. Similarly, teach everyone how to empty the washing machine and either hang up the clothes to dry, or transfer to the tumble drier (or if you have a washer/drier to set that cycle)
  6. Only wash clothes when actually dirty – jeans can be worn several times, and for little kids, clothes that aren’t stained can be worn several times too.
  7. When kids are old enough to do their own laundry – teach them how to read clothing labels.
  8. Once clothes are dry, encourage everyone to fold and put away their own stuff (comes back to own laundry baskets and washing their own stuff!)
  9. Only run the machine when it is full (if possible) to save water and energy.
  10. Read clothing labels before purchasing clothes – you don’t want something that you will wear often to be hand wash only, for example. Or worse – dry clean only!
  11. When washing duvet covers and pillow cases, invert them before washing so they are ready to put back on the duvet and pillows without getting yourself in a tangle when making beds.
  12. Rub chalk into grease stains to help remove them. The chalk absorbs the grease and the chalk will come off in the wash. If you don’t have a stick of chalk, use baby powder instead.
  13. Before hanging clothes on the washing line, run a cloth along it to get rid of any dirt, and (shudder) spider webs.
  14. If you have no option but to hang clothes in your house to dry, make sure you leave a window open for the condensation to escape. You don’t want a build up of that in your home, causing damp and mould.
  15. After all the cleaning your washing machine does, don’t forget to wash the machine too! Run a hot wash with 2 cups of water and 1 cup of bicarbonate of soda (baking soda). Make sure you wipe the inside of the drum clean, including between the rubber seal. Wipe down the outside of the machine. Check hose for any kinks or damage. Remove the detergent tray and clean well to remove residue.
  16. Have a devoted laundry day if you can – doing it in one big batch saves time and effort in the long run. Do the same for ironing.

I hope you’ve found my tips helpful! Why not share your laundry tips?

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