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Whether you’re renting an apartment in Liverpool, London, Manchester, or any other major UK city, when it comes to decorating, it’s easy to feel like you have limited options. But decorating doesn’t have to be a daunting task. While many apartment rentals restrict tenants from modifying the apartment structure, there are ways you can customise your rental property without violating your contract.

Discover our top ten tips for personalisation below…

Inspiring Ideas for Personalising Your Apartment

Collaborative Feature

Use Vertical Space

An advantage to utilising your vertical space is it allows you to get creative with your interior design. Creating a gallery wall of your favourite artwork is a way of drawing attention away from the floor and creating a focal point when you enter the room. This also creates the illusion of a larger space which is highly beneficial for those living in a small apartment.

Not only that, it allows you to maximise the wall space you have to its full advantage by creating feature pieces and keeping the clutter away from your furniture.

Colour Schemes

It’s time to get bold.

Adding vibrant colours as accents to your neutral decor is an easy way to spruce up your interior design. Whether that’s rugs, curtains, or pillows – small changes can make a big difference to the overall look and mood of your home.

Adding Colour

Removable Wallpaper

A frequent taboo with rented apartments is the inability to make changes to the walls, whether that’s a coat of paint or putting up wallpaper.

Now you don’t need to worry. With options such as removable wallpaper, you can easily customise your apartment to your liking without worrying about what happens when you move.

This is perhaps the biggest change you can make to your interior decor and is highly recommended for making your apartment feel more comfortable and homely.


Bookshelves aren’t just for storing books anymore. Many interior designers have adopted this as a way to introduce plant life, artwork, and various ornaments to your wall space, alongside any personal framed photos you may want to display.



Bring the outside in. We’ve all heard the saying and there’s a reason it works so well.

Whether you choose to adopt real-life plants or opt for the fake kind, making them part of your decor is an easy way to add a pop of colour to your home. They also help to take the focus away from any integrated furnishings you may not be completely happy with.


You might be wondering what this means. We’re here to tell you that adding small touches to your apartment can bring your design to a much more cohesive look. Texture can be anything from the feel of an object, its material, weight, or how it reflects light.

Common examples many of us choose to introduce are rugs or pillows as they allow designers to create layers and play with colour accents. You can also add texture with shelf decor, plants, blankets, or curtains.

Paint Your Own Furniture

While painting your own furniture might not be something you have considered, it is worth thinking about. Particularly if you have wooden furniture, adding a coat of paint on top can give your furniture a fresh look and change the feel of the room instantly. It’s also an easy way to add some colour to the room and is adaptable depending on your mood or season.

Create a Gallery

You may not want to go as far as having a whole wall dedicated to family photos, but even hanging some photos of loved ones instantly brings a homely feel to your rented space. What’s more, is you don’t have to drill holes into the wall in order to hang your favourite family pictures. You can now buy stick-on strips which allow you to customise your own gallery without damaging the paintwork.

Gallery Wall

Focus on Lighting

If you can succeed at the lighting game, your apartment will naturally feel warm and inviting with minimal effort. That’s where lamps come in. Large floor lamps will help to create a bright and open space to gather, whilst table lamps are great for creating cosy reading nooks. This is also an easy and effective way to add a touch of colour and style to your interior.

Don’t Underestimate the Power of a Mirror

Speaking of lighting – another important addition to any interior design is mirrors. You see them a lot in show homes and there’s a reason for that. Mirrors are an effective way of reflecting natural light back into the room and creating the illusion of a larger space. This is particularly great for rentals as your apartment is likely to be on the smaller side so it’s important to ensure you’re being creative with your design.

Is there a tip or trick you’ve found useful when personalising your rented apartment that we haven’t mentioned? Let us know!

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