Sunday Inspiration – Teenager’s Nintendo Theme Birthday Party

It’s been a few weeks since I’ve written a Sunday Inspiration post and for that I apologise, sometimes I get so wrapped up in doing things…any way, here’s a post that is kind of bittersweet to be writing. Coming up on 17th February is my (not so little) boy’s birthday. He’s turning into a teenager…the big one-three…as corny as it sounds, it just seems like yesterday that I was in hospital holding my newborn son and feeling love like I’ve never felt before.

My lad is quite happy at home, playing on his Nintendo Wii or on the PC. He get’s that from me…the gamer mum!

Let me take you on a little journey of my gaming history which started with the retro Atari console that my dad had in the 70s and 80s – playing Space Invaders with a very rudimentary joystick and Breakout and Pong with a weird paddle controller! Dude, the panels of that was made of wood one that console!

I remember waking up really early on the very first day of secondary school and grabbing a few goes on Pac Man before being frogmarched to get ready! Funny, my son gets up uber early as well to play games…I can’t really tell him off can I? Not when I used to do the exact same thing!

We had a ZX Spectrum with its games on cassettes, whirring and clunking away whilst you crossed your fingers that the game would load!

Source: Wikipedia

Mustn’t forget the Amastrad PCW 9512 that my dad owned. We had two games on it, ‘Head over Heels’ and ‘Batman’. Both by a gaming company called Ocean, and two games that I thought, at the age of 11/12 were absolutely awesome! The screen was black and white, and dad also had, before it, a PCW 8512 that had a green screen. I was over the moon when I discovered emulators a few years ago and was able to play these old games on my PC :)

Source: GamesdBase

Source: Wikipedia

I’m pretty sure my son would wonder what on earth the fascination was with all these ‘old’ games was, just like he wondered what the heck one of these was….when he saw one that I had dug out whilst de-cluttering. *suddenly feels very old*

Source: Wikipedia

I remember the first colour PC that my dad bought and a game that I played called Commander Keen. To me, it was the most awesome thing ever!

Source: House of Games

By the mid to late 90s, I bought my very first games console – a Nintendo SNES. My favourite game? Without question, Donkey Kong Country! Every so often this console (I still have it!) gets a dusting off and that game (and its sequels) get played. The version that they brought to the Wii just doesn’t cut it!

Source: The Old Computer

My love affair had started with Nintendo – an N64 came next – so many good games, but Zelda: Ocarina of Time just blows most games, old and new right out of the water! Even hearing the theme tune is epic. I think I may have to revisit this old game soon!

Source: Zelda Wikia

The Gamecube followed and then the Wii. Throw in the original Gameboy, the Gameboy Color and the DS and I can say we’ve been a Nintendo family for the last 20 years – another console had never crossed the threshold until I met my husband and he came with a Playstation 2!

My son picked up a Nintendo controller at about the age of 2, he couldn’t really play, but he just pretended to whilst watching me play Mario or Yoshi – the colourful characters were like a cartoon for him! As he grew older he learned that he could also play, and now, well, I’m ashamed to say, but he whips me at Mario Kart!

Source: Average Joes Blog

I bought him a Nintendo t-shirt a few years ago, looking at the date on the photo, it’s from 2009 – just 3 short years ago, and he looks so little – a far cry from the big (little) man he now is! The t-shirt says “Just one more level” over and over…and that’s exactly the words that uttered from his lips every time he was asked to finish playing ;)

His gaming has changed from the cutesy Nintendo characters like Pokemon and Mario to things like WWE and Fifa, but, it’s the old Ninty characters that will get an airing for his birthday.

I’ve got a few ideas in my mind, but to help my inspiration flow, I’ve been looking online for Nintendo themed foods and parties and will share them with you now!

I’ll start with a cake that I actually made for his 10th birthday – it had Mario on it…a little bit on the fat side, but here it is (and taken from my old cake blog)

And now for things I’ve found on the interwebz…

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Source: 4TheGirlGamer


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Nintendo Party Food Table

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