Sunday Inspiration – Home Spa Day Party

I recently told you that I’m helping my sister plan her wedding and have been delegated the task of making the stationery among other things…I’m also Chief Bridesmaid (as she was at my wedding), and one of my jobs is to organise her hen party!  I ran a few ideas past her, and the winning idea was a ‘Home Spa Day’, followed by a girlie night in with movies and popcorn, followed by brunch the next day.  I’m really looking forward to planning this one, and in preparation, having been pinning away and gathering ideas and inspiration.

In this inspiration post, I’ll be sharing ideas for the ‘Home Spa’ part of the party, so scroll through and I hope that some of these help you if you are ever planning something similar :)

Unless I state otherwise, the following images are from my ‘Home Spa Day Ideas’ on Pinterest, and credit goes to the sources that I originally pinned from and can be found on that board.  I always try to pin from source so that proper credit is given :)

Update: All images that I originally linked are now removed, view my At Home Spa Pinterest Board instead!