May The Fourth Be With You – Unofficial Star Wars Day!

It’s May the Fourth 2015…I posted this on Unofficial Star Wars Day 2012!

It’s worth a repost :D

Originally posted 4th May 2012…

Since I’m sitting here today with a self-prescribed day off, I thought I’d do an inspiration post of sorts…it’s not Sunday, but it doesn’t matter. You probably won’t have time to do anything, but it’s fun to share what other’s are doing/have done as it gives us all ideas for another time :)

Today is May the Fourth…Unofficial Star Wars Day! As part of my Project 366 – take a photo every day, I dug deep into my son’s toy box and found his Star Wars figurines and took this little pic on my iPhone and shared on Instagram, even if you don’t have the app installed, there are many web apps that you can use to view people’s Instagram feeds.

May The Fourth Be With You


So here I go with some Star Wars related goodies from around the interwebs! Enjoy!

And what would The Purple Pumpkin Blog be, without PUMPKINS?!

And just because some YouTube vids are awesome! From 3:35 (ish) is where I think it’s brilliant!

And I’ll end as I started….with one of my own pics from Instagram.

My hubs with a Clone Trooper helmet that we have since sold on eBay :P

May The Fourth (and The Force!) Be With You!

And now, I kinda wanna throw a Star Wars party…just because :D