Pea and Ham Soup {Recipe}

Cast your minds back, if you will…waaaay back…to March, when I threw a St. Patrick’s Day Dinner. I made boiled bacon with champ for the main meal, and mentioned that I would use the cooking liquid to make soup the next day.  That indeed I did, but forgot to blog about it, and just remembered when I was going through old files on my computer…so I thought I would share it today!

Pea & Ham Soup at The Purple Pumpkin Blog

If you take a look back to that post, I tell you how I cooked the bacon (gammon ham), so I won’t go through that again here. To make my Pea and Ham Soup, all you need to do, is bring the stock back to the boil, add some chopped ham (leftovers!), some frozen peas and some spaghetti (which I break up into smaller pieces). Then leave to boil until the pasta is cooked and the ham and stock is heated through.

I love this soup, it’s so comforting, and with the weather starting to turn cooler, my mind always turns to soups! Enjoy!

Pea & Ham Soup at The Purple Pumpkin Blog
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